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Nintendo NES zapper & 150 in 1 cartridge in original box

  • € 99,00
  • As good as new  
  • Yes 
  • € 10,00
  • € 30,00

Nintendo NES original with zapper and games Mattel Pal - A

  • 2 - controls
  • 1 - zapper, the gun only works on old CRT tv's
  • 1 - cartridge Mario Bros & Duck Hunt
  • 1 - cartridge 150 in 1 (Mario,Donkey Kong,1942 and a lot more)
  • 1 - original box

100% working

Sold as is, this is an old product (35 year). Returns not accepted.

The TV is not included, only to show that the console works

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Marbella, ES
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